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Variety Comedy Show "The Great American Dream Machine" Ep. 3, Penny Marshall, Albert Brooks, (1974)

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The Great American Dream Machine was a weekly satirical variety television series, produced by WNET in New York, and broadcast on PBS from 1971 to 1972.

The show was hosted by Marshall Efron. The cast also included notable actors such as Chevy Chase, Henry Winkler, Penny Marshall, and Charles Grodin. Contributors included Albert Brooks, Paul Jacobs, Studs Terkel, and Andy Rooney.

--From Wikipedia

This is not the actual first or second season, but rather highlights from the first and second season, repackaged in 1974.

In a sideways fashion, this show influenced the movie "The Groove Tube" , as a sequence in the show was produced by "Groove Tube", as evidenced in the credits for the show at 51:24

In this episode of highlights from the first season, Penny Marshall and Albert Brooks feature in "Famous School for Comedians", a scene from a Laurel and Hardy film is played, people are asked about what the American dream means to them, a minidoc about the Hancock building and some of its occupants, an animated sequence titled "Claude", Bing Crosby talks and sings in "The House I Live In" short film, more discussion about the American Dream and more!

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