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Trevor Noah Revealed THIS About BTS!

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► Trevor Noah Revealed THIS About BTS!
Trevor Noah BLACKED OUT when he met BTS! He’s crazy about them! He thinks that BTS are the nicest people he has ever met! The comedian and the boys met during the Grammys last month, and he STILL can't get over it. Is meeting BTS really THAT life changing? Trevor was a host during the Grammys, needless to say he was bound to meet BTS that night. At one point of the show, we got to watch Trevor sit with the boys and interview them. It looked like they knew each other already! He called them the biggest boy band in the world and of course, the members were flustered. The host asked how they were feeling, RM translated what he said - as always, then they ended up joking with each other and singing a song from Squid Games. BTS are really friendly, it’s AMAZING!

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