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Spinning... on a Gobstopper (Original Animation...meme?) |sort of a joke-vent thing|

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My super late upload for the week (technically the real week starts on Monday and ends by the weekends on Sun. bc of school/work so I didn’t waste the days away but I started this yesterday night and didn’t finish until 6am bc I hate how my voice is annoyingly high pitched). I got a job (volunteer work) with an animal shelter so that’s fun sometimes but also boring after awhile... still time-consuming.

It’s not like some terrible drastic thing happened in my life but I’m just really unmotivated and dealing with a very angry prideful brain that really wants to say/do bad things to people in my life but I can’t and that hurts my heart in a weird way (not sadness more like disappointment/regret/more anger).
I don’t like making serious videos because I don’t want to be known as one of those edgy kids who tries too hard to be deep so all my vents are kind of serious in a “my life is shit at the moment but I’m doing the best I can by making fun of how stupid my problems are and I need to get over this” sort of way.
Also I don’t really want to get on the animation meme train too much because I don’t want an excuse to be lazy, I want to at least make my art interesting, not repetitive boringness (I know not all memes are like this but a good majority are and even this “meme” I made is lazy repetitiveness).

The important point is, I don’t like candy all that much and I’m an idiot for thinking I’d want more than one piece of sugary confectionary because I’m weird like that (also probably the only reason why I don’t get cavities)... so the gigantic gobstopper is here to stay in my house like an unwanted paperweight until I learn how to properly eat it (Why and how do people eat these things? Sure it looks cool but it has a kind of boring flavor that’s not as “tasty” as other sweets.)

Song: Spinning by Jack’s Mannequin (bad/sad cover by me)

*IMPORTANT (not really... but listen)*
If you want to make an animation meme out of this (but why? there’s a million better memes out there), it doesn’t have to be stop-motion and you definitely don’t have to (in fact maybe best if you) don’t use my really crappy voice for your work. Also, you don’t have to use a gobstopper but it would be cool if you made the title something like “Spinning... on (whatever your character’s spinning on). The best part about not using my voice is that you don’t have to credit me and you can use your own voice (make it unique through you) or use the actual song (if you’re not afraid of copyright).

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