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Simple questions challenge I Funny and ignorant Americans (E33)

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Simple questions challenge I Funny and ignorant Americans (E33)
Keep laughing: https://youtu.be/IBcrJtLaLaY

1. What state did the Boston Tea Party take place?
2. How many continents are on the world?
3. If you're driving down the highway going 80 miles per hour does it
take you to go 80 miles?
4. Can you pronounce the word "Pneumonia"?
5. If it's 23 minutes to 6, what time is it?
5. The plural of "moose" is...
6. What's the freezing point of water?
7. What city is Tres visiting if he's going to the capital of Ireland?
8. Budapest's is the capital of what country?
9. Which planet is closest to the Sun?
10. How many states make up the United States?
11. How many stars are on the US flag?
12. If you're running in a race and you run past the person that's the second
place what place are you in?
13. Complete the saying: ignorance is...
14. Can you name a city in France?
15. Moscow's Red Square is the home of st. Basil's Cathedral along with the
official residence and principal workplace of Russian President Vladimir
Putin. By what name is this complex known?
16. What three countries are in North America?
17. What country did the United States buy Alaska from?
18. The older brother is 4 years old. If the younger brother is half his age, how old will the younger brother be when the older brother is a hundred?
19. How many sides does a hexagon have?
20. If an item costs $10 and you get a 25% discount, how much would you pay?
21. What country is Mozart from?

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