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Portrait of a Piece of Garbage - Chapter 1: Anthony Cumia's Anger Addiction

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Dissection of one of the most problematic, whip-witted, even tragical figure of long-time shock-jock Anthony Cumia.

Opie & Anthony was infamous for shock value, laughing at awful things, and of course being radio, its hosts and guests sometimes having far-right political views.

What shouldn't be overlooked is how much our ideas of what's going on in the world, what media we consume and how much of it, is informed by several sources and factors, including our mental wellbeing.

Anthony is not a paragon of mental wellness. Ant is a piece of garbage. His views are not only wrong empirically, they also reflect the history of trauma that so many people with hardline dehumanizing views will have.

We can't overlook that either.

Enjoy this, you filthy animals.

This is part of a series on comedy. In today's climate, what jokes we can laugh at is serious business, but what we take seriously can be a joke.

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