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jisoo clone ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

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this was so fun to make, like legit I was BOPPIN to bp (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) jisoo is my bias so I might use this hehe, it’s EXTREMELY POWERFUL like no joke it’s hella detailed, far and away my most detailed yet! Thank you for requesting + please subscribe! (And yes I was specific about which jisoo during the affs template!! It kept switching to Japanese so it’d be like ジそ and I’m like you ain’t even spelling it right chill out there bud anyways hiii

benefits ★彡
- look exactly like jisoo
- have her;
- scalp
- hair
- hair color
- hair type
- forehead
- brow bone
- eyebrows
- eye lids
- eye shape
- eyelashes
- nose bridge
- nostrils
- nose
- angels/cupids bow
- upper lip
- lower lip
- smile
- teeth
- chin
- jaw
- jawline
- neck
- collarbone
- shoulders
- waist
- hips
- thighs
- knees
- calves
- ankles
- feet
- toes ????
- legs
- arms
- arm length
- arm width
- elbows
- elbow shape
- wrists
- hands
- fingers
- nails
- etc. (more hehe)
- insanely powerful booster ☆
- protection affirmations ☆
fourth video of the day thanks to my template, still stressed and hardworking tho shjdjsjsj????‍♀️???????? PLEASE LOOK @ MY LETS BE FRIENDS VIDEO ????

FAQ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

are you subs unisex?
☆ absolutely :)

how much should I listen?
☆ due to my detailed + powerful affirmations I’d say minimum once and maximum 3-6 :)

can I listen with one earbud?
☆ absolutely :)

can I put other music over this?
☆ absolutely! just make sure you can still hear a tiny bit of the original video ♪

what song is this?
☆ really - blackpink

do you take requests/are they open?
☆ yes + absolutely! just please be nice when requesting and don’t like order me to do anything like “make me a subliminal about mark tuan”. It’d make me not want to complete your request, thus deleting your comments. please understand subliminal making is a hard and complex thing to do that requires lots of information about the universe & LOA

are you trustworthy?
☆ absolutely! I even include 10+ minutes of protection affirmations :)

do you use your own voice to record affirmations?
☆ yes :) I think they better personally but it differs per person

can I listen overnight?
☆ yes!!!

→ ayuka ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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