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How Storm Area 51 is a MONEY MAKING STUNT (actually)

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Let's look into what the Storm Area 51 Facebook event is and how it is making money - buckle up! Add my Instagram: StartStartingUp

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Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us is a Facebook event created in 2019 which focuses on gathering a large number of people in the Mojave Desert and having them "naruto run" into Area 51 to "see them aliens".
The event's gone viral, getting news coverage and starting a huge amount of Area 51 memes to circulate around the internet. Following this viral boom Storm Area 51 has had over 3.3 million people show interest in it!

Since it started the original creator has come forward and told the people that the plan is all part of a joke and that he doesn't want actual people to invade the military base.

Even though storming area 51 has been called all a big joke it is actually something much more. This video shows how it has become a money-making marketing stunt. You'll see on the Storm Area 51 Facebook page there is a very obvious link to the "official merch" website. Clicking this link takes people to a Wix online store selling Storm Area 51 t-shirts and bags for between $20-$40.

The huge amount of people following this event puts modest estimates of how much the creator has made from official Storm Area 51 merch at circa $50,000!

There is a huge lesson to learn from this movement. Building an audience around a shared passion by creating free content and then selling targeted products to that audience is a super effective sales strategy. Following that model and completing the sales stage within an automated online store will make your income automated. Automated income is a fantastic form of passive income which I'd encourage everyone watching this to pursue.

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