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[For Honor] New Viking | New memes

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Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/randompeopleincorporated

Just an average gamer trying to get some above average game plays....channel is meant to be comical, funny with a splash of salt. Hope you enjoy, hang out and join the fam.

Donations: If you would like to help support the stream:
*preferred* PayPal: fubardraco@yahoo.com
-click on the "$" sign on the bottom of chat to use Super Chat


Discord - https://discord.gg/sxUBDkY
Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/fubardraco
Mixer- https://beam.pro/FubarDraco
Smashcast- http://www.hitbox.tv/FubarDraco
Twitter- /fubardraco

My movement: #showsupportgetsupport

-Chill..i started streaming after work to relax, unwind and meet some great peeps so I wouldnt have to solo-que. So I'd like to keep the demeanor as chill as possible.
-Respect..you have to show it to receive it.
-Dumbdacity...please do not bring that sh!t in here. There will be a thin line of tolerance. Although we joke and talk sh!t, it is in a comradery manner. Once the line of disrespect gets crossed so will your chances of staying.

Two ways to play homies-
1-join the discord and hop on the waiting list there. It is NOT mandatory but my homies there take priority.
2- just send me a mess. on Xbox saying "inv". *WARNING- Do NOT SPAM me with messages. If you keep spamming mess. then you literally LOSE your spot on the Xbox waiting list. I pick up players from Oldest mess(bottom) to Newest(top), so everytime you spam you send a New mess and go back to the top of the list. Pls dont scr3w yourself.

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

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