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Chilly Willy Full Episodes ????The chilly show ????Kids Movie | Videos for Kids

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Chilly is fishing when a polar bear tries to eat him. Soon after, Chilly encounters two filmographers looking for wildlife for their show. Chilly cuts a deal with one of them to help film the polar bear in exchange for all the food he can eat. ▶︎ Subscribe to the channel for all Chilly Willy's videos: https://bit.ly/2tMnbDQ

▶︎ All Videos: https://bit.ly/2z33g8v
▶︎ Full Episodes: https://bit.ly/2lLlcey

Welcome to Chilly Willy Official YouTube channel!

Follow Chilly Willy's adventures alongside two of Chilly's friends: Maxie the Polar Bear and Gooney the "Gooney Bird" Albatross!
Most of the time Chilly adventures involve his attempts to stay warm, and often meeting opposition from a dog named Smedley! There are times, however, when Chilly and Smedley get along and tram up against the cold.

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