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Change is Good | Stardew Valley Expanded Mod with Wickedy #22

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Time to change a few things on the farm. I've added in a bunch of new texture options to go with Alternative Textures and have a sparkly purple interface to fit my vibe a bit more.

- Welcome to the Sad Sap Farm! (renamed after my unfortunate first day on the farm where I overexerted myself and made a sign instead of a chest, left with no energy I meandered around town looking for a meal and ended up getting next to nothing done, hence the sign with a sap to resemble my tears.)

This is an Expanded modded playthrough, with the mature content checked off and a bunch of other mods added in (160 total and counting) majority is listed and linked on my site https://wickedychickady.com/expanded/ with the loved gifts sheet as well.

Fridays and Sundays at 1PM PST

∘Keep it a PG-13 family-friendly
∘No self-promo or spamming
∘English only, please
∘Be excellent to each other and help each other out
∘Keep the convo light and friendly
∘Dad Jokes welcome

∘Manténgalo como apto para familias PG-13
∘Sin autopromoción ni spam
∘Solo en inglés, por favor
∘Sean excelentes unos con otros y ayúdense unos a otros
∘Mantenga la conversación ligera y amigable
∘Papá Bromas bienvenidas

قواعد الدردشة:
اجعله صديقًا للعائلة PG-13
∘ لا يوجد ترويج ذاتي أو بريد عشوائي
∘ الإنجليزية فقط من فضلك
∘ كن ممتازًا مع بعضكما البعض ومساعدة بعضكما البعض
∘ حافظ على كونفو خفيفًا وودودًا
نكت أبي أهلا وسهلا

∘Halten Sie es als PG-13 familienfreundlich
∘Keine Eigenwerbung oder Spam
∘Bitte nur Englisch
∘Seien Sie exzellent zueinander und helfen Sie sich gegenseitig
∘Halten Sie die Convo leicht und freundlich
∘Papa Witze willkommen

∘ Gardez-le un PG-13 familial
∘Pas d'auto-promo ou de spam
∘En anglais uniquement, s'il vous plaît
∘Soyez excellents les uns envers les autres et entraidez-vous
∘ Gardez la conversation légère et amicale
∘Les blagues de papa sont les bienvenues

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Stardew Valley Expanded Mod with Wickedy

#stardewvalley #wickedy

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