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6 Years With BTS???? [Read Description]

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June 13th, 2013: 7 hardworking boys debut with their “No More Dream” MV. RM, a hard working leader. Jin, the oldest member who worked hard. Suga, our precious lil meow meow who fought through his depression. Jhope, the dance leader with a sunny personality. Jimin, tough on himself to keep the “perfect” image. V, under appreciated. Jungkook, the maknae who was greedy, but learned to overcome it.

June 13th, 2014: 7 hardworking boys celebrate their one year of debut. Things were tough. Of course they were. People looking down on them, telling them they wouldn’t make it because they were from a small company. Rumors being spread to turn the few fans they had against them. RM, still passionate to lead. Jin, still working hard like everyone else. Suga, quiet, kept to himself a lot, he became a joke to people. Jhope, still the dance leader, still has a sunny personality, never showed his true feelings. Jimin, is fighting with self body image. V, still under appreciated by the fans. Jungkook, is still learning for he is still growing up.

June 13th 2015: 7 hardworking boys celebrate their 2nd year of debut. They are still so passionate, but inside some of them are giving up. They expect things that others don’t, but just because they say they don’t expect something, means they expect nothing. The fandom is growing, it’s a good year for us.

June 13th, 2016: 7 hardworking boys celebrate their 3rd year of debut. They are no longer in pain. Together they have overcome the fear that lurked of not being enough, of not being what the fans wanted. But they were, and they were so much more than that.

June 13th, 2017: 7 hardworking boys celebrate their 4th year of debut. 2017, the year our fandom reached its peak, new ARMYs were welcomed, and some left without a goodbye. The year bandwagons became a thing. Petitions were started. Our boys were in trouble again, but we held their hands through the troubles.

June 13th, 2018: 7 hardworking boys celebrate their 5th year of debut. “Let’s fly like 2017 again.” The beginning of 2018 held many hardships for the boys, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The topic of disbandment was approached. They talked about what the future held, if they would make it, if they should consider disbanding, but they fought hard, they worked hard. And together, they overcame it as ONE.

June 13th, 2019: 7 hardworking boys celebrate their 6th year since debut. With a fandom of 20+ million fans, we hold their hand on this day and guide them through what’s to come in what’s left of this year, and what’s to happen next year. We are at the edge of the water where we shall let go, we shall wish them the best for when it’s time for enlistment. We will be with them throughout everything, maybe not physically, but we’ll be there. The way they held our hands and the way we held their hands for 6 years, we shall continue doing the same. Together we stand, for we are all a big family. It’s 7 or nothing. It’s us (BTSxARMY) against the world. Let us shine our light on them, as they shine their light on us.

[This is an edit I made for my edits account, but decided to share it with you guys, too. I have been an ARMY for 6 years, I have been through it all with the boys. They mean everything to me. They worked hard to get the recognition they deserve, so let us work hard and give them the SPECIAL day they deserve. Love all of them equally because bts is one big family. ARMYs are one big family. Let us join together on this day to celebrate their 6th year anniversary, they deserve it and so much more]????

#bts #6yearswithbts

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