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3 Steps to DESTROY Yourself To FREE Who You Could Be

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This video details the extremely dark, painful, and ultimately glorious process through which I was able to transform myself into a completely different person.

What I discovered, and the process I’m about to share with you guys… will probably make you uncomfortable, and possibly even upset, especially if you’re someone who believes that these sorts of transformations can only be achieved through a positive mindset and self-love.

Regardless of who you are and what your beliefs are - if you truly want to get the most out of this video, all I ask is that you keep an open mind.

In first part of this down the concepts and exact process that was CRITICAL to my transformation. And then at the end of the video, I’ll give you the exact formula that I used to reinvent myself from a powerless, futureless nobody, into a powerful, destiny-fulfilling somebody.


???? Get DARK MODE (It's free) https://nelsonquest.com/#guide

???? If you want to check out my personal life: https://www.instagram.com/nelsonquest​​

???? If you want to support me: The greatest gift I could ask for is, only if you enjoyed the video, to please give it a like, share it with a friend or family member who can benefit, or leave a thoughtful comment.

00:00 - Keep an Open Mind
01:18 - Destroy the Self Will Change You
02:03 - I am not Who You Think I am
03:19 - The More We Have, The More We Have to Lose
04:20 - See Ourselves as we Really Are
04:38 - The Old Me Was an Idiot
05:46 - Finally I Was Free
06:30 - Solitude Changed My Life
07:26 - The Comparison
07:44 - My Ironman
08:38 - My New Self on Others
09:03 - Closening

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