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20 Times Gravity Falls Was Not Meant For Kids

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20 Times Gravity Falls Went Too Far

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We miss you Gravity Falls. There just hasn’t been another animated cartoon quite like you. You were funny, clever, smart, had a wonderful cast of characters and a surprisingly dense mythology. They just don’t make them like you anymore and we’re still holding out hope for another season or a new movie.

And given the show has such a loyal and dedicated fanbase to it, it’s no surprise to find out how adult the show could actually get. Although branded as a kid’s show, its terrifying imagery and adult humor really made it more enjoyable for adults rather than for children. Sure on the surface it looks like a fun adventure where two young siblings named Dipper and Mabel live in a mysterious town for the summer, but think about the severed animal heads that drip blood out of their sockets, think of the terrifying shape shifter that was plucked directly out of our nightmares, and the worst one, think of all the times Grunkle Stan tried to explain how babies were made.

Every instance on this awesome Gravity Falls list highlights just how adult Gravity Falls could get, with some of them so outrageous, you have to wonder how they made it past the Disney censors at all! Go ahead and check out the video to have your mind blown and afterwards, be sure to leave a comment down below telling us what you think. And don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more awesome Gravity falls content like this.


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