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Hi my lovely friends ????
This is our 37th Funny Jokes. In this dirty joke , three sisters were at home and their mom said their boyfriends could
stay the night.......????????

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we collect lots of jokes such as dirty jokes , Dad jokes , Funny Jokes , bar Jokes and..... ????????

The whole Joke is here:

One day, three sisters were at home and their mom said their boyfriends could
stay the night.
That night, the mom was walking through the hallway and heard crying from
the first daughter’s room. Then, she heard laughter coming from the second
daughter’s room. However, there was no sound at all from the third daughter’s
The next day after their boyfriends had left, the mother asked the first
daughter why she was crying.
“Because it hurts the first time,” she replied.
The mother asked the second daughter why she was laughing.
“Because it tickled the first time.”
Then the mother asked the third daughter what she was doing as there was no
sound from her room.
The daughter answered, “But, Mom, you always taught me not to talk with my
mouth full!”

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